Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tusk, Tusk!

about three or so years ago i was at the fremont market trying to find yet more records and i stumbled upon another foxy jewish girl who i *ahem* talked to and hung out with. i'd rather not go into her home smelling like dog (and not a nice smell) or that she easily told me about the anti-depressants that "actually work" for her...and she lived right accross the street from a cemetery - - but i digress for i'd rather mention that she was an unemployed photographer. and a good one too - well, she hipped me to the mighty MASTODON too since she took snaps of her favorite bands also. she pushed me to listen to 'remission' cd and it was good. really good! so i pose a simple question - can Mastondon save heavy metal? i think so and they are currently on tour so me thinks i best go see them since i blew it by not going with the aforementioned jew girl. she talked and talked and talked and talked and talked some more and i recall thinking she was smart, good looking, on anti-depressants but it just did not add up right. what you ask? everything and nothing.

i just want MASTODON to rock!

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Pipe Boy said...

Mastodon kicks ass. I've seen them live a few times. records are alright too.

Venom played a few weeks back. They were great even after all these years.

1349 is on tour in the US (though w/o Frost on drums) opening for Celtic Frost.

...but to answer your question, we're doing just fine w/ Black and Death Metal. Fuck your pussy "heavy" metal.