Friday, June 30, 2006

the cover that rocked the world...

any of you record geeks remember the store you went to when you were really 12 or around that age? i certainly do and it was a chain - the warehouse. mine was located in the fine city of ANAHEIM where i grew up on Brookhurst and Ball in a skeezy mini-mall. it was next door to a 31 flavors where i'd get rocky road every damn time. if my parents would allow me, i'd go to the warehouse and see about getting a record, usually elton john, led zeppelin or the stones. if i was feeling extra esoteric, i'd get david bowie (with thanks to my then freaky cousin francine who was totally into glam).

this was 1975 or so and one record that always got my attention was "country life" by roxy music. no, i was not a fan because really, i like any other 13 y/o, i did not have that 'advanced' of taste but still, this cover was so risque! two women on the cover were half naked, standing outside in front of some kind of schrub and had weird make-up on...and when you are thirteen, that is pretty damn exciting. did i ever get this record? no. my mother would 'throttle me within an inch of my life' (her words) and frankly, that would be nuts...i had no idea what the hell they sounded like and they were never in my circus magazine i subscribed to. five or so years later and i am a roxy music fan!! not only do i own this record but i also LOVE this record. now every fan of roxy mentions the amazing first two records w/eno and i just think we need to give a nod to mr. eddie jobson for coming into this weirdo band and making his own mark. just listen to any cut on this record - flawless. i always return to COUNTRY LIFE and encourage you to go and check it out or listen to it again...its been too long since you heard "Out of the Blue" or "Prairie Rose" about then bryan ferry girlfren jerry hall. why did they not get married and she could be jerry ferry!!

later on, this naughty cover was replaced with pictures of just the bushes and i am not talking about the girls.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

somewhere in a trendy hotel room...

juliet of the spirits, the leopard, godftather, bocaccio 70, amarcord, the hurricane, la strada......... and so many more!

il maestro - - NINO ROTA!! makes me feel like i am tripping...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ick May Aylor Tay your favorite STONES rekkid....'exile', 'beggars banquet', 'let it bleed', 'steel wheels'? you better not have said 'steel wheels' but if you said any of the other three, good choices all...and all sport Mick Taylor on guitar. i love mick taylor and those three records along with 'sticky fingers' are all A+++ phenomenal testimonies to the band we all know and love and hate and wonder what the hell they do with all of thier money.

mick taylor filling rather large shoes of dear dead brian jones comes into the fray and literally makes everybody happy with his raging, searing contributions one must think, why don't we ever talk about him? yeah, we love keef, we love mick, we adore charlie (my favorite stone) and when bill was alive...we loved the little guy too. i am not sure about those who love ronnie "professional cigarette holder" wood post FACES but the other white meat, MICK TAYLOR is the man! just listen to "monkey man", "stray cat blues" or "all down the line" among the many others and marvel...thank you Mick Taylor. NO really, thank you.

my favorite stones record...between the buttons, go figure.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boon vs. Madge

today at the GOODWILL i see two cd's next to each other...madonna with missy elliott and the minutemen's 'double nickles on the dime'. after serious contemplation and wanting to only purchase one, i get the minutemen.

and let this be a reminder to y'all, today is the release of the minutemen documentary "we jam econo" which i was fortunate to see at the northwest film forum earlier this year. phenomenal, tragic, epic and funny in so many ways that i can only wish you drop whatever you are doing at this very moment and order the TWO dvd set with over FIVE hours of interviews, live footage and watt being watt.

sorry about the shitty foto

Monday, June 26, 2006

shut up and drive

seattlites like to talk about weather like as if it only rains here or in the current state, as if nowhere else in the world the temperature is hot. worse yet, when the rain comes, people have a tendency to drive poorly because "the rain is here and the roads are slick". WTF?

now that the weather is above 80 degrees, people still drive like shit. is it really that hot seattle? stop your whining and just shut up.

We all need CHANGE

living in seattle has many benefits but one that i seem to enjoy the most is leaving seattle for british columbia. i have friends in victoria, nanaimo and vancouver. all lovely people in every possible way.

fantastic place canada, everything seems 'good' there. i have gone to british columbia to see shows while visiting friends like a not-to-long-ago visit to victoria where i saw the new pornographers *yes, with neko case* and other times i go just to visit friends. i remind myself when there that i am in a different country, i used my passport and they are not bombing the shit out of another country. so, i love downtown canada. this weekend i hit some garage sales which is part of the angle of doing this so-called blog with the hope i can show you the trash and flash i run across while "saling". i was in the beacon hill neighborhood on saturday where i got out of the car with the hopes of records awaiting...i was correct! well, i was slightly late in that one ex-drummer of the band LUBRICATED GOAT/BLOODLOSS/MONKEYWRENCH was there picking up some items for his collection. still, i jumped in and grabbed 13 slabs. some curtis mayfield and some de la soul 12 inch action made it all worth while. at a dollar each that was fine...but the gal at the sale drinking white wine at 9:30 said, 'we're making deals...13 records...howzabout $9.00"? pleased with that i hand her a ten, i get back one. but then the guy part of the household having the sale comes out (stoned out of his mind) and says, "who goes to canada??!!". at this time, my co-horts are back at the car (smart) and i am there with a mexican family when i say, that i go often. he has a bag of canadian coins and asks me to make an offer...i can barely blurt out anything before he just hands it to me simply because i already purchased the records. i get back in the car full of vinyl and glee and hand the bag to the navigator in the front seat...he counts it up and i have 39.23 canadian! and at the time of writing that equals, well, you do the math

i ain't rich but i will see you in bc.

Friday, June 23, 2006


remember WHODINI? i do and how lucky was i to see them perform back in the day aka 1983. and as much as i want this post to be about WHODINI and the "Haunted House of Rock" or "I'm A Ho" (a lesser known 'hit') i am going to write about some of my friends.

as Whodini threw down "FRIENDS, how many of us have them....ones we can depend on" i write to tell you how fortunate i am to have many great friends. here are some of the recent highlights of my friends doing what makes them so special - !!

KAK with the looks she shoots at me and the laugh. The girl calls me on my b.s. all the time and that is a lot

pbsp with his unfettered and continuous friendship. plain and simple, i count on him and he's there

jennybh with her on going email back and forth to me. you rule! she told me that recently and really, she rules! she pushed me gently to do this blog so blame her

nybes is the man. what a guy...he's always got the good word and the gigantic heart. i love that little guy

Ph has to be one of the most generous, most pleasant individual i ever met. yes, she is my friend and i am so glad

washburn is a friend for over 25 years now. non-stop banter about HENDRIX, bashing on the current adminstration and overall guidance by setting an example of how to be real - thanks

elG is the tricky one here. she means the world to me. a style like nobody else and just recently she gave me LIME TIC TACS which added to the pile of a million things i just dig about her.

so tell your friends they are appreciated. i will be doing this again but until then, stay high not low.

instro love

i almost hate lou reed. i can't bring myself to it but i get close often. this feeling rears its head when i listen to him 'sing'. dood, it is rock and roll, who cares? i often ask myself this very question but then i hear link wray and i remind myself, lyrics are stupid 99% of the time and lou is one of highlights of super stupid lyrics. there you have it and here you have my favorite instrumentals as of time of writing. yar!

  1. Dixie Doodle - Link Wray
  2. Chinese Checkers - Booker T and the MG's
  3. Sparks - The Who
  4. Apache - Michael Viner Incredible Bongo Band
  5. Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group
  6. Rat Salad - Black Sabbath
  7. Popcorn - Hot Butter
  8. Miserlou - Dick Dale
  9. The Horse - Cliff Nobles
  10. I'm Branded - Link Wray

it always starts and ends with Link baby....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bea on the Brat

when i first heard the BLACK LIPS i felt my age which was 41 in case you must know. meaning, i was in the midst of another 'garage' lp, revival, whatever but then Mr. Tommy Shanks (Mayor and good friend) at In the Red Records gave me the then latest "LET IT BLOOM" lp. everything changed...this record makes me laugh and it makes me wonder about getting i going to continue to like this crap? yes.

for the first song alone, "sea of blasphemy" is worth the price alone! this song crawls straight up your nose and goes straight for your brain and does not let loose until the minute and thirty seconds are done leaving you to waste. these idiots *ahem* cover/destruct jacques dutronc which has one wondering, 'did i really like that' - yes. admit it, submit to it and laugh with them. and at them.

Tartar with fries

first post and it is very simple: if anybody can tell me where the term FREAK SAUCE came from OR, where i ripped it off from *hello google* >>> you will get a prize from me. that's right, a prize. get on it.