Monday, January 29, 2007

life's the illusion, love is the dream...

ugh, i feel old. this is a feeling that rarely comes across my neurotic self but last night it hit me hard. i decided to put on the tv to a show i don't really like at all, sixty minutes. i saw the "i'm morely, i'm blah and i'm blah" and the briefings on what the features were on, etc. the very first commercial is for AARP and the music is the god damned buzzcocks "everybody's happy nowadays" and i just sink like a ship. wha th fuc!!?? first off, i love many a buzzcocks tune but that is one of my favorites so it hurts that much more. part of me wants to write a letter to the aarp (not an email) and tell them their use of rock and/or roll in an ad is very distracting and noisy...basically come off like some old codger. yeah, that will show them. not.

i did not watch the show and remembered seeing andy rooney when i lived in new york a couple times. he looked to be about 188 years old so that made me feel better. maybe i'm dead.

Friday, January 26, 2007

jew chicksa not shicksa

shaabat shalom y'all...

christ! what is the deal with jewish women...i have found myself in a trance by one in the recent five years or so and a couple more in the last two or so years. one specific woman is sarah silverman. many despise her brand of humor and it is easy to dismiss it as not being p c which i can understand but really, she is so damn funny. i just got this la weekly article sent to me about her and her upcoming show on comedy central. i really like her and have seen her perfomance three times and every time she killed. seattle, go see her next month at the showbox and laugh.

so - back to the jew girl thingy for a moment. my pal gNat goes out with a jew girl, so does my pal washburn (wait, he married her) and i always hear about jew girl this and gew jirl that. when i was living in so cal i did not want to be around them and when living in nyc (the upper west side no less - jewish peeps everywhere) i was living with my vegan, half vietnamese half white girlfren. what is it that these jewish girls possess? i think i know but as deborah harry so aptly sang..."i know, but i don't know".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brown Ford

when james brown died on christmas day - and damn it, i cannot get that through my head, the GFOS, mr. dynamite, mr. please please please, soul brother #1 is dead...say it ain't so... and then president gerald ford kicked it, many folks started talking about the three's. how famous (whatever) people die in 3's. well, that did not happen did it? i don't think so, correct me if i am wrong. ahmet ertegun does not count unless you are some record nerdlinger (uh, like me). that being stated when people started yapping about the next person to go, castro was tossed out there and that is a pretty safe and good bet for 2007. someone else ponied up another prez...jimmy carter. i say no to that - he's looking great, active and not 93 like ford. jesus, 93. anywho, i actually thought it would be ms. liz as you see her here looking very foxy and washing a dog no less! this thought is going through my head again and i don't like that feeling. ms. taylor is kind of weirdo now (and then too) but she has been in a ton of movies i really dig "suddenly last summer", "virgina woolfe" and "drivers seat". so, hats off to just don't leave yet without telling the world that michael jackson is the scariest person ever and richard burton was richard burton. elizabeth taylor defines freak sauce...weirdo, scary and totally cool.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


holy guacamole...i swear, maybe you tube is saving saturday night live for anytime i want to watch the best of the current episodes, you tube saves the day. 'dick in a box' with that andy kid and jt = hi-fricken-larious! when prince was on last year, i saw both songs in all the purple badness on you tube again. remember the chronic of narnia? ok, enough - here's the latest newest clip and this made me laugh out loud too

throw your weed away!

Monday, January 22, 2007

knocked out...

consider this for a moment...who are you in this picture? muhammad ali or are you on the mat on your back, sonny liston? recently i felt like both men and what a feeling to have knocked yourself out! but wait, the look on ali's face is exactly that feeling i have currently and that is one of triumph, strength and overcoming all the bullshit i created by knocking myself out. last week was muhammad ali's birthday and i completely did not metion it...he was my first and remains my number one hero. happy belated to my main man ALI - !! your picture here reminds me of every single thing i love about you...especially when i recall seeing interviews with you after this second liston fight and you told reporters you were telling liston "get up"!

indeed, get up!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

achtung baby

what was the last thing you did not catch when you were not paying attention? last week, within the space of five days i got not one, not two but three parking tickets (two from the same traffic cop, different days no less)!! distracted? sure but better to just say i was lazy...but if anybody has ever drove with me and seen the way i drive and park - it comes as a bit of a surprise that i finally received a ticket. i am notorious for parking wherever i please and not getting a ticket let alone driving sometimes like a maniac. but really, beyond the laziness and going well past distractions, this is more about just not paying attention. things go by when you fixate on one or two or one things...and i do not have myopia damn it. does it take getting parking tickets to wake me up? i'd much rather spend the $122.00 (for the three) on a million other things!! i am actually going to fight one of these and we'll see how it comes out.

meanwhile...i am paying closer attention and i see a lot more than what i was looking at last week. good thing, i nearly lost it after number three...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ese oscuro objeto del deseo

oh, did i mention the frye museum here in seattle...yes,often. one item of note while visiting last was i saw an old friend jd and she looked great. i also saw some trimpin thing with clogs and two bits which brings a smile to my face but in the bookstore i spyed the book you see above this banter. "film as a submissive art" really gave me an education on the much darker side of cinema. it took me forever to find this book - which i found at the strand while living in nyc close to ten years ago - but now it is back in print. i strongly recommend this book to anybody who thinks they know a lot about movies and cinema. all the heavy hitters are within these pages like antonioni, brakhage, goddard, etc. but he does pay attention to one of my favorite people to ever live luis bunuel. after seeing this outside of my own home has me picking it up again and i realize sometimes i re-read this kind of book and it all seems fresh all over again.

get this book!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


three is a magic number for music...really now - best bands are three with a singer or even better - the trio. dear god, sleater kinney could clean your clock live and they made exceptional records. one thing which always impressed me about them was how their artistic angle was there was no real "art" beyond rock and roll. they embodied rock with blistering songs and no god damn bass. i am not going to compare the two but when one listens to the jon spencer blues explosion and they hit that same groove - that can be just so sweet to the ears and hips. i for one will sincerely miss sleater kinney. from the first time i saw them play to the last they consistantly kicked it out hard and harder than most.

but back to the trio angle. hmmm, how about the jam? so much (if not most) of their music still holds up thirty years later. years ago there was a band called beat happening. the nutty trio who made music i'd rather not try to describe and ditto for that other washington now san francisco freak trio known as the melvins. oh, that nirvana band was mostly and best as a trio! local favorites the a-frames...a trio of mind thumping craziness. are the flaming lips a trio? sure they are! and what about the trio's of hip hop like tribe called quest (starting as a quad), the beastie boys and de la soul? all triple trouble...bring on the three's! anybody who wants to throw rush in the middle of this i am ok with that not because i love 'tom sawyer' but because geddy lee is jewish and i love my jewish rock stars -and i don't mean billy joel and gene simmons. oy!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

violent affection

perplexed by being so tired and ready to sleep...i am drawn to scribble some words. and really, only few things are on my mind currently and translating these might not be completely easy. certainly i can express some simple the listening to my morning jacket. everything about this band spells out a band i would not fall for but i have like a ton of bricks. the song i am listening to is "what a wonderful man" from the album 'z' - it is so damn good. i love these guys. oh yeah, i had a bowl of soup tonight, homemade noodles, crazy good dumplings with scallions and white pepper, i totally love the stuff. and sunday is my favorite day of the it! it is long, sleepy and semi-productive. see that fairfield porter painting, god i love that too - as i have mentioned previously, one of my favorite places here in the emerald city is the frye and the f. porter show they had there some time back about 2.5 years ago was sublime. i love his paintings.

can you see where i am going...goodnight!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

for how long must we tolerate...

what an incredible day...even if i kinda (well, a lot) despise the democrats this is such a great day for maybe, possibly - a change will come with the house and the senate changing hands. i like nancy pelosi and i love the idea of a woman as speaker of the house. i am feeling good about all of this and feel as though we all need to pay close attention to the coming weeks and months on these newly elected folks...and hold them to the promises made this last election year. look at that bastard cheney...he does not care about you or anything you do. we all must take the time to do whatever we can to stop this war! we all must do something, anything. get involved locally - and let's make some changes along with the people in power. this is a big day.

if we want it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

for elG

for you
from me
with love

her face is like a beautiful modigliani painting and her body curves with the arc of a cubists dream...she speaks like she is on a highway with the words of a storyteller - - her smile radiates and her laugh knows all....she wears jewelry that sparkles with her phenomenal eyes in a fight to the finish
she's got everything she needs but she is not sure what she wants
captivated by all that she is and all that she is, is - elG

porque te quiero.