Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brown Ford

when james brown died on christmas day - and damn it, i cannot get that through my head, the GFOS, mr. dynamite, mr. please please please, soul brother #1 is dead...say it ain't so... and then president gerald ford kicked it, many folks started talking about the three's. how famous (whatever) people die in 3's. well, that did not happen did it? i don't think so, correct me if i am wrong. ahmet ertegun does not count unless you are some record nerdlinger (uh, like me). that being stated when people started yapping about the next person to go, castro was tossed out there and that is a pretty safe and good bet for 2007. someone else ponied up another prez...jimmy carter. i say no to that - he's looking great, active and not 93 like ford. jesus, 93. anywho, i actually thought it would be ms. liz as you see her here looking very foxy and washing a dog no less! this thought is going through my head again and i don't like that feeling. ms. taylor is kind of weirdo now (and then too) but she has been in a ton of movies i really dig "suddenly last summer", "virgina woolfe" and "drivers seat". so, hats off to just don't leave yet without telling the world that michael jackson is the scariest person ever and richard burton was richard burton. elizabeth taylor defines freak sauce...weirdo, scary and totally cool.

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