Thursday, January 04, 2007

for how long must we tolerate...

what an incredible day...even if i kinda (well, a lot) despise the democrats this is such a great day for maybe, possibly - a change will come with the house and the senate changing hands. i like nancy pelosi and i love the idea of a woman as speaker of the house. i am feeling good about all of this and feel as though we all need to pay close attention to the coming weeks and months on these newly elected folks...and hold them to the promises made this last election year. look at that bastard cheney...he does not care about you or anything you do. we all must take the time to do whatever we can to stop this war! we all must do something, anything. get involved locally - and let's make some changes along with the people in power. this is a big day.

if we want it.

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