Wednesday, January 10, 2007


three is a magic number for music...really now - best bands are three with a singer or even better - the trio. dear god, sleater kinney could clean your clock live and they made exceptional records. one thing which always impressed me about them was how their artistic angle was there was no real "art" beyond rock and roll. they embodied rock with blistering songs and no god damn bass. i am not going to compare the two but when one listens to the jon spencer blues explosion and they hit that same groove - that can be just so sweet to the ears and hips. i for one will sincerely miss sleater kinney. from the first time i saw them play to the last they consistantly kicked it out hard and harder than most.

but back to the trio angle. hmmm, how about the jam? so much (if not most) of their music still holds up thirty years later. years ago there was a band called beat happening. the nutty trio who made music i'd rather not try to describe and ditto for that other washington now san francisco freak trio known as the melvins. oh, that nirvana band was mostly and best as a trio! local favorites the a-frames...a trio of mind thumping craziness. are the flaming lips a trio? sure they are! and what about the trio's of hip hop like tribe called quest (starting as a quad), the beastie boys and de la soul? all triple trouble...bring on the three's! anybody who wants to throw rush in the middle of this i am ok with that not because i love 'tom sawyer' but because geddy lee is jewish and i love my jewish rock stars -and i don't mean billy joel and gene simmons. oy!


Nat said...

Husker Du and the Minutemen.. Three = the power number!!

o.Sano said...

for the love of god...thank you nat. i deserve to be tar and feathered to have forgotten my Du and los let's also mention the mighty ZZ TOP! holy shit...i feel really really stoooopid right now.