Monday, February 11, 2008

hey freaksauce

in case you are paying attention...

could be goodbye for you...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my friend flicka

done and done.

night before last i was talking to a friend before going into the gym and something rang in my head saying, food blog. food blog. yes, food blog. well, a couple other things rang in my head too like how can i sleep with this woman again and i was kinda hungry. then i started to think, why not!? anywho, the time has come to put freaksauce to an end and start what i have been wanting to do for sometime now...write about my favorite lowest common denominator, food. the consumption, the processes and everything inbetween. please go and check out snacktruck and read all about my problems and foibles with sandwiches in seattle and my love of the ballard market.

until then - please let the only sauce be on your napkin.

Monday, October 22, 2007


wait a minute...perhaps i have said too much and now i feel like i revealed something i only wanted to share and not necessarily incorporate within. instead i was looking to inform not to motivate. dear reader, i must follow my own instinct here and say see you when i regroup and find out what is the impetus and then i will be able to report back.

have any of you see this movie 'funny games'. i wish you could. i will be right back...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

dial m for...

i wanna go see neil young next week and i did not purchase tickets. but i am still going to go down to the god forsaken place he is playing to see if i can get a scalped ticket for i think more than anybody, i want to see him more and more. i always get the sense that he'll play forever and ever but then i also think he might just say 'fuck it' and call it quits playing only once in a blue moon for the bridge school and that's that.

i am going to listen to this song by neil which i recently discussed briefly with someone about and find my way there...more later.

is my world not falling down
i'm in pieces on the ground
and my eyes aren't open
and i'm standing on my knees
but if crying and holding on
and flying on the ground is wrong
then i'm sorry to let you down,
but you're from my side of town
and i miss you.

turn me up or turn me down
turn me off or turn me round
i wish i could have met you in a place
where we both belong
but if crying and holding on
and flying on the ground is wrong
then i'm sorry to let you down,
but you're from my side of town
and i miss you.

sometimes i feel like i'm just a helpless child
sometimes i feel like a kid.
but baby, since i have changed
i can't take nothing home.

city lights at a country fair
never shine but always glare
if i'm bright enough to see you,
you're just to dark to care.
but if crying and holding on
and flying on the ground is wrong
then i'm sorry to let you down,
but you're from my side of town
and i miss you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

he stopped loving her today

dress sexy at my funeral. damnit, that is funny. so funny that i am thinking to myself what gives about bill callahan. last night for my birtday i was (kinda) taken to see bill callahan perform. the fucker played for close to two hours! and it was all good and not in an "all good in the hood" kind of way, just all good stuff and great songs. watching him made me think about missing george jones this week...and i am not regretting that but i most certainly made a mistake. something about bill callahan rang of him being some kind of troubadour...rolling from city to city playing his smog. and people whooped and yelled ("thanks for coming bill callahan" -how idiotic) and loved him. at one point i wished for a marachi band to play with him, then i wished for kids to be behind him playing and clapping...then i kind of thought of a super group, callahan, will oldham, jim o'rourke and richard thompson was the wild card contribution. i guess bill callahan can play with anybody was what i left with and that is great for him.

too much to love, scarf, water spilling and garbanzo beans. everything has changed yet something remains.

Friday, October 05, 2007

dee dee R bitch

i am turning 4t5 next week. thank god - maybe now i will start acting like an adult and not such a squirrel. i feel confident which is scary. which makes me wonder about myself...what is next? next being what is on my 'to do' list. i got a big to do done last year and that accomplishment makes me feel free and clear and looser than a goose. changes are great - i am all about them but something about being in my car night before last with rome and some guy bleeding from his ear, gurlfren on my side of the car yelling in a cell phone begging us to take them to the hospital...true story. rome's tells me it is my call and she looks both worried about US and THEM. still, this guy gets in the car, bloody and talking incoherently, the gal pal is now talking at a normal level (which in turn made me completely nervous) and off to harborview we go. and that is where they got took a bit of time before rome and i actually talked about the entire debacle before she said how glad he was the only one going to the hospital (caustic sense of humor that darling friend of mine...)! tell me please dear reader, what would you do? and what do we all do daily that can help even if it all sounds wrong?

so, reflections and choices are always present - with that, enjoy this video of the bees which always brings a smile to my face.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


i rant and rant about movies from the 8t's being so sucky. and i am right but i am also not compltely in, there are some of my favorite movies from that decade that i go back to all the time. forget about "blue velvet", "raging bull" and "do the right thing" - no! "footloose", "st. elmo's fire" any john hughes films and "dirty dancing" are classics! wait, then there is "after hours" which i recently watched again for maybe the millionth time but this time came many years after my last viewing. first, i took many things from this movie like when paul, the main character loses his last twenty, he can't call anybody - no cell phone - and he can't just go to the atm, no such nyc no less. and speaking of nyc, the cab driver was some white dude. i am going to sound prejudice but in my time of living and visiting nyc, i never EVER had a white guy cab driver. period. so, this movie is dated for sure yet i laughed outloud at so many parts it has become a period piece. martin scorcese just hit every target here - easily his funniest movie and most overlooked. and what a cast too...rosanna arquette has some of the best lines about the wizard of oz, terri garr is hilarious, and catherine o'hara just peaks with her mr. softy truck. cheech and chong, john heard and linda fiorentino round out a stellar cast but griffin dunne just owns this movie with the crazed look in his eyes as paul.

get ye to netflix or your video store (does anybody still do that?) and get this movie now. laugh and laugh again.