Thursday, October 04, 2007


i rant and rant about movies from the 8t's being so sucky. and i am right but i am also not compltely in, there are some of my favorite movies from that decade that i go back to all the time. forget about "blue velvet", "raging bull" and "do the right thing" - no! "footloose", "st. elmo's fire" any john hughes films and "dirty dancing" are classics! wait, then there is "after hours" which i recently watched again for maybe the millionth time but this time came many years after my last viewing. first, i took many things from this movie like when paul, the main character loses his last twenty, he can't call anybody - no cell phone - and he can't just go to the atm, no such nyc no less. and speaking of nyc, the cab driver was some white dude. i am going to sound prejudice but in my time of living and visiting nyc, i never EVER had a white guy cab driver. period. so, this movie is dated for sure yet i laughed outloud at so many parts it has become a period piece. martin scorcese just hit every target here - easily his funniest movie and most overlooked. and what a cast too...rosanna arquette has some of the best lines about the wizard of oz, terri garr is hilarious, and catherine o'hara just peaks with her mr. softy truck. cheech and chong, john heard and linda fiorentino round out a stellar cast but griffin dunne just owns this movie with the crazed look in his eyes as paul.

get ye to netflix or your video store (does anybody still do that?) and get this movie now. laugh and laugh again.


NDog said...

Or the Library!

o.Sano said...

true that brochette...the library for the movies is the thing. done and done!