Friday, September 28, 2007

step child

for the longest time i used to think portland, or was some nice place to visit but once i left, i felt better that i was returning to seattle. nowadays, i am on the other side of the fence as i love to go there and i want to go all the time and not leave until i have searched every corner. and this is a new feeling but it was pushed over the edge with this article from day before yesterday's nytimes. earlier this year i visited 3x and all three times i hit some amazing dining places, purchased some great records, shoes and saw a great show by lucinda williams at the amazing crystal ballroom! so, this is not just about food but what i think portland has is that it has clearly defined itself as not being seattle or vancouver. and hell if i am not happy that i am in the middle here in the emerald city. so, no longer do i get excited that portland has no sales tax and people pump your me lewis and/or clark as i instead look forward to more adventures there. very soon too - maybe really soon.

more later!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


there are some things you cant cover up with lipstick and powder, i thought i heard you mention my name, cant you talk any louder ? dont come any closer, dont come any nearer my vision of you cant get any clearer, oh, i just want to hear girls talk! i got a loaded imagination being fired by girls talk but i cant say the words you want to hear...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sunday morning

i love the feeling of relief. last sunday morning i got one after a long, long, really long saturday day and night. this relief started when i was at the el adadero on rainer ave. when i got a call...hearing a calming voice really helps soothe the nerves and as much as this sounds nuts, hearing someone who is less than soothing also has the same affect - or at least this time it did. what a relief to hear someone else frantic and cranked up...not me, not until saturday night. so, my fancy francy and i snacked on some mulitas (dear god - this might be the most delectable thing ever), some ceviche and tacos before moving on to bigger and maybe better things. saturday night was such a nutty pace with some (one) pot shah, tanG and ike the dog - i was glad to see sunday morning.

feeling a bit overwhelmed...try slayer or find someone who is that much busier than you will ever be.

Friday, September 14, 2007

all down the line...


deck parties and seeing blue and read. maybe some david cronenberg but a lot of nothing. and aminal corrective.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

vanjewver, bc

did i mention i saw "knocked up" and loved it. i did but did i mention i saw "super bad" and loved it even more!! oh crap, that movie rules. i so love this push in humor that is simultaneously crass and touching. judd aptow & seth rogan are a one two punch right now in the cinema world and they are making god damned funny movies. after i watched "the 40 year old virgin" i thought, 'they have it' - it being their finger on what has been missing in comedies. i am not talking about buddy/action movies like "rush hour" which are humorless or adam sandler movies that are just downright bad...i watched one of his movies on a plane ride back from istanbul and it was great because it put me to sleep! what i saw was so unfunny with one of these most annoying people as a co-star, drew barrymore. these guys write guy humor that is so wrong it is right. and back to seth him! i heard this guy on the radio recently and he had a canadian accent (love it)after all, he is from vancouver but he also had this incredibly funny stoner laugh. and yes!!! he is a stoner - uh, he is from vancouver after all. this is the kind of guy i can hang with...

this nerdlinger jonah hill along with michael cera (also canadian like rogen) aka george michael are total crack-ups too. i jonah and seth can be brothers with the jew-fros and just idiotic looks on their faces. i went to hebrew school with guys that looked like this but none of them were funny. these guys make me laugh...i hope they can continue to do so for a long time. so, go see "super bad" - movie of the year! so far...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

earache my eye m

i don't like technology, i love it. no, i hate it. wait, both!!! my cell phone and i are like mortal enemies and when it comes to using the computer - or needing it, i still find that i have this on going love/hate thing. fun isn't it *not really* - but the beautiful thing is that technology is changing rapidly and that makes me kind of adjust and change too. sure, the love/hate remains but where am i in the middle of all of this? soon, not dealing with it like i used to.

so that leads me to townes van zandt...oh, he's such a great singer! i love him and you can too downloading this amazing record "the late, great townes van zandt". wait, this did not come out after he died but years before in 1972. e n j o y - !

Monday, September 10, 2007

meeting of the mindz

the view from the deck at my apartment is so nice. i sit outside and look at mt. rainer, lunar sightings, beacon hill and the baseball and football stadiums. incredible really! and i want to continue watching stuff from this point of view for it reminds me of the simple things. i love eating outside (thanks kak!) even if it is uncomfortable but soley because i find these two things about food remain somewhat true; 1. eating with your hands is fun and food almost always tastes better and 2. eating outside can be soooooo relaxing.

i mention this because i am being pulled across the world and as of late, i want to just quit my job, leave this point of view, move to san francisco and wear a sweater in august. i am going to try and find myself in vietnam and s.e.a. this january or february. when i come back - - then i will decide about this view. or my viewpoint in general.

i want a dog.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

zombie flanders

after much chat about music this weekend - and i am going to post my rants and raves about bumbershoot soon - i came to realize i have not been too inspired as of late. it got me to thinking about music that does knock me out every single listen without any pause or thought. almost a month ago i posted a tribute to nusrat fateh ali khan and now i am going rave about someone i never saw perform live. i have maybe two or three regrets about not seeing a performer or band - one of them is without a doubt and probably the biggest slip up i have made seeing tons of music, the mighty FELA KUTI. and i was recently listening to his "mr. follow follow" lp and it was just freaking me out. so insane, so inspiring and so god damned beautiful. i think everybody should listen to fela - - - so, here is fela's zombie lp for your flavor.

he played the olympic auditorium in the mid-eighties when this dofus missed him...uh, twice i believe. what was i thinking? or, what was i doing that made this glaring omission? either too much weed then or just too much which has me forgetting but let's not have regrets, let's listen and get off our asses!

do it to it.