Friday, September 28, 2007

step child

for the longest time i used to think portland, or was some nice place to visit but once i left, i felt better that i was returning to seattle. nowadays, i am on the other side of the fence as i love to go there and i want to go all the time and not leave until i have searched every corner. and this is a new feeling but it was pushed over the edge with this article from day before yesterday's nytimes. earlier this year i visited 3x and all three times i hit some amazing dining places, purchased some great records, shoes and saw a great show by lucinda williams at the amazing crystal ballroom! so, this is not just about food but what i think portland has is that it has clearly defined itself as not being seattle or vancouver. and hell if i am not happy that i am in the middle here in the emerald city. so, no longer do i get excited that portland has no sales tax and people pump your me lewis and/or clark as i instead look forward to more adventures there. very soon too - maybe really soon.

more later!!

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kabr said...

You f**king just got back from San Fran and you are blogging about little ol Portland!!!!!!