Tuesday, July 31, 2007

activity partner

holy guacamole...what a month! where did it all go? it all seems so blurry but it is ending on a the same note where it started, just great and incredible. fortunate me as i know it is going to get better. i want you all to check out my guest blog entry at yard sale bloodbath if you desire and be sure to look forward to august having more pictures as i am going on a picture taking binge! i have an idea...yes, an idea but more on that later. lately i am starting to see things differently through the lens of a camera and through my own eyes which is going to lead me down a path i am very excited about.

that and i got asked last night to dj at seattle's hot(? - huh) new bar pony - wtf? uh, i am not sure about that because it was so uber hip and i am such a snob but who knows. let's see what i can muster up in the next couple weeks.

Friday, July 27, 2007


friday...hmm, 4:15, nice and warm outside?! um, that's right, the weekend is here bitches and i am off to the lake for a swim-a-roo! but first, here are some words and a vid for your approval. wait, didn't i already post a video this week? whateves because i am posting a video of the band i am seeing tonight, a frames.

anybody who knows me semi-well knows very well that i love this band. they make me laugh with how serious their music sounds but how NOT serious they are about their sound and just general demeanor. you got to hand it to a band that sounds this brutal only to be so much god damn fun in person. so, enjoy and i will also be sure to tell you next week about this retro food debacle brought to you by rakka deer.

tomorrow, yard sales with the gals from yard sale bloodbath!! more on that insanity later!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

what's a boy to do?

when i was in london a couple months back i heard some pretty dreadful music...and amy winehouse? i heard way too much ABOUT her and her music, ditto for the fratellis. re: a winehouse, what a hype machine for that scary looking woman...scary good. i must admit i do (did?) like "rehab" but now i just want her to go away. but some musical thing i wanted to blog about was BAT FOR LASHES who i think i like - the jury is still out.

tell me what you think? i dig this video.

Monday, July 23, 2007


check out this picture of me with one my favorite people in the whole world, jean from maneki. i like this shot of us because every single time i go there, she wants to chat and we always chew the fat for an extended period of time. btw, do you have a favorite resturant? sure you do but do you have one where the owner snacks with you sometime or, does he/she let you in after they close and still serve you? and does this same owner make fun of you and your idiosyncrasies in the nicest possible way? did i spell that right? anywho, jean is the bestest ever and i am here to write it out and make it public.

maneki and jean remind me of so much i love about los angeles. which is maybe why i like it so much. maneki can be anywhere and it would remain the sweetest, nicest and most sought after place to dine in my eyes. i love it when people say that maneki is unorganized, bad service and uneven food but damn it, i am not sure where else i can get kinpira (gobo), crazy inexpensive kasu kama and pretty much some amazingly fresh saba grilled with just salt. bliss. i consider this place one of "my" places even though maneki is no secret to many seattlites yet i feel welcome there like no other place.

thanks to jay gee for the foto.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

whiffle ball y pazole

sunlight angles on a wooden floor at dawn
a ceiling fan is on chopping up my dreams
what is left of them i take to sleep again
where i dare pretend i'm more than i seem

tears get triggered, yours remind me
of the ice melting in my glass finally full again
so i listen for your lips to break apart into words

it definitely starts to spoil my heart
somewhere there's a war
sometimes there is art

feliz cumpleanos see r.

Friday, July 20, 2007

ooh my soul

six years? you are right!

back and forth, push and pull. good with the bad and everything in-between. talkin' marquee moon and walkin' up a west side hill. bacon, coc, peliculas de almodovar, ups and downs. no matter what, you are always there. i hope i am there for you too.

wordless chorus.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

best song ever

clap your hands now people clap your hands.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

talent is an asset

kasu kama
elliot gould
lake swimming
hand stamped pasta
john fahey
ph beisbol
55 oui
jean und okasan
super bitchy
waiting room
lo & yee
drawing blood
sheila take a bow
ak et rn
b,g,p y dt @ lago

ha ha - what a great summer so far!

Monday, July 16, 2007

chachi in charge

embarrassed? no. kinda. but i did throw on the tv last night to watch "scott baio is 45 and single" coz' i love joanie and i love chachi and i love chachi in charge...but what the hell is this all about? well, frankly, a - ahem - reality show about scott baio being 45 and not married? commitment issues chachi? you bet! and i love the fact this guy is miserable (we are the same age) after having what appears to be a ton of women in his life. btw, erin "joanie" moran from happy days was his first on a sofa. that was a fantastic story when he told it...what the hell!? this show is only 8 episodes and we get to see him figure out what makes him tick around women...or, as much as a "reality" show will allow. this is ugly what i am about to write but i am going to do it but there is something really funny about watching someone my age on tv with this situation as i have been accused of being a commitment-phobe myself...usually by women. that is that and i am going to encourage everybody who reads this blog, ok - all 3.5 of you - to watch this amazing show. please oh please let heather locklear tell chachi in charge he is not all that. or, tell him his haircut in the 8t's was just wrong.

Friday, July 13, 2007

some girls are bigger than others

how can someone so young sing songs so sad?

is it wrong not to always be glad?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's a bloodbath

my pals at yardsalebloodbath had a sale of their own and here is my report.

so organized! so much good stuff! and wait, so many friends buying stuff! holy crap...what a concept...your friends buy your stuff. well that is not everything but people the ladies knew well came by and purchased items. something about that rang as an extension to the friendship i can't seem to put my finger on. i loved it for m, j and b on w already had prices that had the stuff moving yet they gave deep discounts to pals. again, i love it. and yet more interesting is the concept of the free box...watching them fill it up here and there and more stuff being moved out since now it was free (wait, i took some free stuff too) and not a dime...well, dear friends, that too is a yard sale situation that i admire. people are such weirdos at yard sales and i am no exception when looking from the other end of the telescope. nearly everybody who came to the sale wants to chat about thier purchase...like this guy who purchased a pin the tail on the donkey game - still in package - he wanted to talk about what he was going to do with it. i think we already know that and who put a quarter in this guy to think he can just spout out this kind of "TMI"!? and this casted a weird reflection on me...do i chat with people having sales? yes and no. sometimes items beg a convo but other times, chatting about what people plop on their yards, back or front seems futile and strangely awkward.

the sale was a success! i loved seeing the action from the steps of m's house and watching people move craptastic stuff from one home to the next is the ultimate in recycling. god, i shoulda brought some stuff but i slept late instead. and went to some sales and got yet more garbage to fill my life. ugh.

Friday, July 06, 2007

watts the fuck

a couple months back - maybe longer, i read about this movie "killer of sheep" and my curiousity went through the roof. talking about how this movie was similar in the neo-realism of italian fifties cinema (what might be my personal favorite movement along with the french). the nice folks at northwest film forum got it in their schedule and i could not be happier. now, after seeing it and now that it is gone after two weeks, i regret not writing and telling everybody and thier bff to see it. i was not even sure i was watching actors during this sad, hopeful and completely engrossing 81 minutes. such a gentle movie that after the lights came up, i was slightly tripping on what i saw...like i was more a fly on the wall then i was a patron of the cinema. with images both gentle and difficult, this was a masterpiece.

that's it. done. i am gone. hey seattlites, enjoy this attempt at a emerald city sartorialist www.pikepine.com great effort here! well done and i actually saw some peepel i know - turn to the left bitch!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

yr blues, yr birthday

ok, it is back on. and funny time to restart (with the exception of yesterdays sesame street posting) and i am not feeling 100%. i went to bed with my head not doing too well and this morning is no exception. maybe it was the swim in the lake or maybe it was the contact high from watching the sake deluge at yet another japanese joint to snack at late. it all started on tuesday night when i felt this tugging at me that did not let up. i am blathering...

so, i seem to have quite a few friends who have their birthday in july...nybes, pbsp, nik, sheen, tr and some aquaintances. strange? no, but i do want to dedicate a song to all of them - north american scum by lcd soundsystem. just download this entire album as i know you are going to dig it. dance and do it alone.
uh huh,,,,,uh huh - you wouldn't touch us with a ten foot pole...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007