Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's a bloodbath

my pals at yardsalebloodbath had a sale of their own and here is my report.

so organized! so much good stuff! and wait, so many friends buying stuff! holy crap...what a concept...your friends buy your stuff. well that is not everything but people the ladies knew well came by and purchased items. something about that rang as an extension to the friendship i can't seem to put my finger on. i loved it for m, j and b on w already had prices that had the stuff moving yet they gave deep discounts to pals. again, i love it. and yet more interesting is the concept of the free box...watching them fill it up here and there and more stuff being moved out since now it was free (wait, i took some free stuff too) and not a dime...well, dear friends, that too is a yard sale situation that i admire. people are such weirdos at yard sales and i am no exception when looking from the other end of the telescope. nearly everybody who came to the sale wants to chat about thier purchase...like this guy who purchased a pin the tail on the donkey game - still in package - he wanted to talk about what he was going to do with it. i think we already know that and who put a quarter in this guy to think he can just spout out this kind of "TMI"!? and this casted a weird reflection on me...do i chat with people having sales? yes and no. sometimes items beg a convo but other times, chatting about what people plop on their yards, back or front seems futile and strangely awkward.

the sale was a success! i loved seeing the action from the steps of m's house and watching people move craptastic stuff from one home to the next is the ultimate in recycling. god, i shoulda brought some stuff but i slept late instead. and went to some sales and got yet more garbage to fill my life. ugh.

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