Friday, July 27, 2007


friday...hmm, 4:15, nice and warm outside?! um, that's right, the weekend is here bitches and i am off to the lake for a swim-a-roo! but first, here are some words and a vid for your approval. wait, didn't i already post a video this week? whateves because i am posting a video of the band i am seeing tonight, a frames.

anybody who knows me semi-well knows very well that i love this band. they make me laugh with how serious their music sounds but how NOT serious they are about their sound and just general demeanor. you got to hand it to a band that sounds this brutal only to be so much god damn fun in person. so, enjoy and i will also be sure to tell you next week about this retro food debacle brought to you by rakka deer.

tomorrow, yard sales with the gals from yard sale bloodbath!! more on that insanity later!

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