Monday, July 16, 2007

chachi in charge

embarrassed? no. kinda. but i did throw on the tv last night to watch "scott baio is 45 and single" coz' i love joanie and i love chachi and i love chachi in charge...but what the hell is this all about? well, frankly, a - ahem - reality show about scott baio being 45 and not married? commitment issues chachi? you bet! and i love the fact this guy is miserable (we are the same age) after having what appears to be a ton of women in his life. btw, erin "joanie" moran from happy days was his first on a sofa. that was a fantastic story when he told it...what the hell!? this show is only 8 episodes and we get to see him figure out what makes him tick around women...or, as much as a "reality" show will allow. this is ugly what i am about to write but i am going to do it but there is something really funny about watching someone my age on tv with this situation as i have been accused of being a commitment-phobe myself...usually by women. that is that and i am going to encourage everybody who reads this blog, ok - all 3.5 of you - to watch this amazing show. please oh please let heather locklear tell chachi in charge he is not all that. or, tell him his haircut in the 8t's was just wrong.

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