Wednesday, August 30, 2006

he shoots, he scores!

recently i asked some friends to write an entry to this *ahem* forum of nonsense known as FREAKSAUCE and my pal gNat stepped up to talk thrift scores. sCores not stores and well, he likes to junk. and he likes to eat he is in all his taco truck glory on rainer ave. right smack in the middle of the emerald city. here is his take on his latest newest grabs at the thrift. i cannot believe this bastard scored a silver apples lp!

can you dig it sucka? thanks gNat.

Thrift Scores

The key to successful thrift store shopping is persistence. When I first started thrifting I was consistently frustrated by my lack of scores. Returning home with a pair of ill fitting levis 505’s and a scratched Neil Diamond record does not provide a strong incentive to spend your weekends in dirty stores populated with sketchy characters. Why was I not scoring the vintage designer shirts? Where were my first press Blue Note LPs? Complaining about my lack of success to a friend elicited the simple but sound advice. “Keep going, go out farther and go more often” was Leynas advice. I have been successful at thrifting ever since. I have provided a list of a few personal favorite scores accumulated over the years. If you ever see me at the Kent Value Village say hi; but not until I have ravaged the waist 32 jeans in pursuit of Levis 517 orange tags.

Silver Apples- “Contact” on Vinyl in great shape. I was nearly passed out from excitement and riffled through the remaining LPs in hopes that I had hit a vinyl mother lode. No such luck. Found at the Tacoma Value Village

Yves Saint Laurent Pin Stripe Suite- In perfect shape, cut well, a dream. I had this piece dry cleaned and lengthened the pants and now have a killer suit.

Sony Stereo System- Found at the Kent Shop and Save. This system included a 5 disc changer, Receiver, Dual Tape deck, and radio receiver. Still had the Bon Marche sticker on it! I had my friend go find speakers for it I could guard the system from the vultures gathered around. I was very fortunate to score this high value piece as I was right next to the employee when he put it on the floor.

TI-82 Graphing Calculator- While admittedly not a terribly exciting score this piece save me $79 as I needed it for a class and I found this one for $2.

Friday, August 18, 2006

shaabat shalom y'all

time for a lazy posting. why, well more than likely it is because it is friday and i just don't have it in me to write too much. i will say this, i am considered by some to be 'the most vile, selfish freak on the planet' (a compliment) however when i hear that description of anybody, i think of black sabbath. they were scuzzy looking for sure back in the day and recently i had a conversation on what is the best sabbath the way, most say 'paranoid'. i think 'paranoid' is a scorcher but i like 'masters of reality' and 'volume 4' for many reasons but one is due to the complete insanity of every song. there is a certain disconnect i get when i hear black sabbath...they seem so much more original then when i was in high school in the late seventies. i reach out now for sabbath and i am compltely satisfied. who knows, maybe next time i will go and check out 'fireball' from deep purple or some hawkwind to rock out but for now, "children of the grave" will kick me hard.

next postings i am hoping to have some guest stars...and i will step aside and let someone else rant or rave about something, anything.

Monday, August 14, 2006

thrift sauce

i have been told not to do this but i am going to tell you all about this dofus i encounter at some of the local thrift stores while junking. i will not tell you his name but this "cat" prowls around looking for god knows what...i have seen him purchase beach towels, records (always crappy ones - thank goodness), electronics and really whatever he gets his hands on. while i was flipping records i met him at the ballard value village and where he proceeded to tell me that he has a ton of records for sale, cheap. me the opportunist said ok and then he invited me to his house. ok, it is getting weird. i say no but he can call me at work - he does and i tell him where we can meet - a parking lot, well lit and away from my office and his home. HE HAD THE WORST RECORDS EVER and i don't mean the soundtrack to sound of music bad but stuff like eric clapton, james brown singing 'living in america' and just garbage. i purchased nothing and he then invited me to 'get high in my truck'. i declined and i don't want to lead you down a path that he is some kind of predator coz' i don't think he is nor do i want to convey that. he is just a nerdlinger looking for friends or something. months after this incident i am talking about other junkers and i find out this guy is a scurge among other folks who love the thrifting and he is a bit of a liar >> like, when he sells at the local fremont market, he sells over $1,000 worth of stuff and some of that is cashews (huh!). well, everytime after i get this information, i see him and say things like, "i can't talk to you - thanks'. one moment i let it out and called him weird when he was talking to me after my not reacting to anything he is saying. wrong move...he goes on to call me dildo and how i am the weirdo. first, calling me dildo was just freaky - - i have been called asshole and dick but not dildo. it just rang of something else although i am not sure what. i see him again at the goodwill where i again am looking though records and he comes over and starts to look at the same ones pushing the ones i viewed back into my hands. this idiot gets totally riled up after i tell him to knock it off and he goes off on me and tells me that i am just a jerk and he has never done anything to me and he will "kick my ass" if "i keep it up". i am a psycho now and tell him 'yeah right - get the fuck away from me - - you do know that everybody thinks you are a pain in the ass'. wow, i am really on (idiot) but he ends up getting in my face and i think he is either going to kiss me or punch me or both. disturbed and slightly curious what will happen next, he ends up grabbing all the records i was looking at and walks away mumbling.

now when i see this knob, i just look directly at him and he looks away. friends told me not to post his photo and i have but since you can't see exactly who this is - here you go. this guy is someone that makes your day for being such a weirdo and at the same time is complete and total freak sauce. if you see him, run away. FAST.

Friday, August 11, 2006

ah, van morrison. that's all...go listen to him. here are the ten records that i have been listening to as of late.

  1. captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy - elton john
  2. astral weeks - van morrison
  3. love is a real thing: the funky sounds of west africa - various
  4. holy ghost - albert ayler
  5. naturally - sharon jones and the dap kings
  6. kinda kinks - the kinks
  7. naked city - naked city
  8. fear of a black planet - public enemy
  9. the woods - sleater kinney
  10. everybody's talkin - fred neil

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

pink prisons

i want to get out of town. i was just in southern california and now i need to get out of the country. i have enough miles to get to europe and to be perfectly frank, that is not where i want to go. i would much rather go to vietnam or to malaysia or thailand. my pal romanik told me to take off to india...and she might be right. i think it would wake me up from all my kvetching and make me check myself and get over the bullshit i create for myself.

where do you want to go? a couple days ago i was imagining myself in japan with a certain unamed friend. her and i were hanging out, eating soba, taking fast trains and staying in small rooms with all kinds of remotes. just when i was thinking of this i got an email from my oz pal bruce and he sends me a photo of him with thurston moore in japan at a bar in tokyo called alcatraz. there were pictures of them in a pink prison, drinks served in baby bottles, bedpans and served by nurses. see picture.

again, where do you want to go. i am leaving somewhere and i think it might be idaho.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

trailer trash

i feel like a teenager when i see this movie...when i hear the soundtrack - by the beserk GOBLIN - it still freaks me out. so now you too can watch this. i don't think i will ever tire of this movie....