Wednesday, August 30, 2006

he shoots, he scores!

recently i asked some friends to write an entry to this *ahem* forum of nonsense known as FREAKSAUCE and my pal gNat stepped up to talk thrift scores. sCores not stores and well, he likes to junk. and he likes to eat he is in all his taco truck glory on rainer ave. right smack in the middle of the emerald city. here is his take on his latest newest grabs at the thrift. i cannot believe this bastard scored a silver apples lp!

can you dig it sucka? thanks gNat.

Thrift Scores

The key to successful thrift store shopping is persistence. When I first started thrifting I was consistently frustrated by my lack of scores. Returning home with a pair of ill fitting levis 505’s and a scratched Neil Diamond record does not provide a strong incentive to spend your weekends in dirty stores populated with sketchy characters. Why was I not scoring the vintage designer shirts? Where were my first press Blue Note LPs? Complaining about my lack of success to a friend elicited the simple but sound advice. “Keep going, go out farther and go more often” was Leynas advice. I have been successful at thrifting ever since. I have provided a list of a few personal favorite scores accumulated over the years. If you ever see me at the Kent Value Village say hi; but not until I have ravaged the waist 32 jeans in pursuit of Levis 517 orange tags.

Silver Apples- “Contact” on Vinyl in great shape. I was nearly passed out from excitement and riffled through the remaining LPs in hopes that I had hit a vinyl mother lode. No such luck. Found at the Tacoma Value Village

Yves Saint Laurent Pin Stripe Suite- In perfect shape, cut well, a dream. I had this piece dry cleaned and lengthened the pants and now have a killer suit.

Sony Stereo System- Found at the Kent Shop and Save. This system included a 5 disc changer, Receiver, Dual Tape deck, and radio receiver. Still had the Bon Marche sticker on it! I had my friend go find speakers for it I could guard the system from the vultures gathered around. I was very fortunate to score this high value piece as I was right next to the employee when he put it on the floor.

TI-82 Graphing Calculator- While admittedly not a terribly exciting score this piece save me $79 as I needed it for a class and I found this one for $2.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, you found the Silver Apples LP at the goodwill in spanaway. This brings up the true question about real thrifters and jankers that feed off others superior knowledge. Can you find your way to that spanaway store? You still get an A for effort.