Tuesday, August 08, 2006

pink prisons

i want to get out of town. i was just in southern california and now i need to get out of the country. i have enough miles to get to europe and to be perfectly frank, that is not where i want to go. i would much rather go to vietnam or to malaysia or thailand. my pal romanik told me to take off to india...and she might be right. i think it would wake me up from all my kvetching and make me check myself and get over the bullshit i create for myself.

where do you want to go? a couple days ago i was imagining myself in japan with a certain unamed friend. her and i were hanging out, eating soba, taking fast trains and staying in small rooms with all kinds of remotes. just when i was thinking of this i got an email from my oz pal bruce and he sends me a photo of him with thurston moore in japan at a bar in tokyo called alcatraz. there were pictures of them in a pink prison, drinks served in baby bottles, bedpans and served by nurses. see picture.

again, where do you want to go. i am leaving somewhere and i think it might be idaho.


CUNY Queen said...

that is a dildo of a stirrer he's got there.

Pipe Boy said...

go to Chicago!!