Friday, August 18, 2006

shaabat shalom y'all

time for a lazy posting. why, well more than likely it is because it is friday and i just don't have it in me to write too much. i will say this, i am considered by some to be 'the most vile, selfish freak on the planet' (a compliment) however when i hear that description of anybody, i think of black sabbath. they were scuzzy looking for sure back in the day and recently i had a conversation on what is the best sabbath the way, most say 'paranoid'. i think 'paranoid' is a scorcher but i like 'masters of reality' and 'volume 4' for many reasons but one is due to the complete insanity of every song. there is a certain disconnect i get when i hear black sabbath...they seem so much more original then when i was in high school in the late seventies. i reach out now for sabbath and i am compltely satisfied. who knows, maybe next time i will go and check out 'fireball' from deep purple or some hawkwind to rock out but for now, "children of the grave" will kick me hard.

next postings i am hoping to have some guest stars...and i will step aside and let someone else rant or rave about something, anything.


Pipe Boy said...

I like the first album, cleverly titled, Black Sabbath. It was the first blow as to what they were all about. Great jams. The song Black Sabbath is still creepy to listen to in the dark.

BS also really helped to formulate an entire genre of music. Metal/Black Metal etc. BS are far more influential than Zep.

apedog said...

I agree with pipe boy, the first album is rad. 3 minute long guitar solos blarings on the free love freeway.