Saturday, March 31, 2007

chorizo vs. rothko

a classic: never EVER grocery shop when you are hungry. well, i went to the borough market...dear god, i went while i was hungry. very hungry and although i had a plan of chorizo and rocket sandwich, i still had to look at everything. every single damn thing before i finally gave into the sandwich and i am so glad i did. it was phenomenal as described by blemby and she was not exaggerating. yes i was starving but i will also have you know the mustard i threw down on this monster of a sausage was like bright yellow wasabi as in my nasal passage was cleared all the way to my eyeballs. loved every damn bite. but wait, did i mention i was starving? yes, so i spyed this line (queue if i was even more pretentious which just might not be possible) of people getting burgers. lamb, pork and stilton and beef. what's that you say - - correct in that i chose the pork and stilton...with extra cheese as the guy who sold it to me said, "that's how me and my mates eat 'em". ok, bring on the angioplasty because that will kill me but i am dying happy.

we are at the london bridge which means we are near the tate modern. off we go and i was impressed however the exhibit currently there was less than inspiring, the gilbert and george show was more trash and flash than interesting. as for the permanant collection, good stuff for sure but modernism is being redifined so to see abstract heroes like rothko and pollock seems a bit dated. yes, they most certainly have a place in history but it seems like the turn of the millenium needs them to be elsewhere. blah blah blah for really, to see these guys, some miro stuff, cubism (which reminded me of last december early mornings)was nothing to scoff at. i did not ride the slides but i did marvel at the looks of the people as they hit the end of their rides.

sb and i went back to the borough market for some stuff for dinner which included a visit to neals yard dairy for cheese which was a blast to try so many damn cheeses and some morrocan fruit like tasty tangelo like oranges and the amazingly superb and sweet galia melon which i had in espana a couple years back. did i mention i was more. next up is the tour of the royal albert hall and the crazy portobello SATURDAY market. oh yeah, i want indian food too.

Friday, March 30, 2007

mercer street

the shins. ah yes, the shins. most people dismiss them as a simple little band, that 'garden state' song band (worse) or they dig 'em. i like them because i like the way james mercer sings and harmonizes his voice with his bandmates. i am in london and seeing the shins was one of those nice timing things the day i landed, uh, yesterday. the london crowd loved them as though they were at a party...i looked over at people around me and they were smiling, singing along with them and just pleased as ever as mercer and company sang what seemed like every song they knew including an encore of the modern lovers song which i cannot recall since i am jet lagged yet jojo's song is still going through my head but i will rememeber probably after i have my chorizo and rocket sammich that jbh tipped me off on.

oh yeah, my camera fell out of my pocket at the concert and i noticed as i was almost out the door of the forum when i decided to go and "find" it. i was sitting upstairs which means i have a fighting chance. i get up there and this is after walking back through a crowd of hundreds. lo and behold, there it is. i am very happy about that - dear god, losing my camera hours after arriving would have been a double bummer.

hey, gots to go but i will check y'all laters.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007


time is such a forgiving thing for music. in the not-so-long ago past i would have really laughed if you told me i was listening to emerson, lake and palmer and that remains true today. i am laughing just thinking about it...but if you mentioned the electric light orchestra, i think i would have laughed yet again. but i am listening to elo on a quite a clip, like, every other day or so. i have downloaded, i am listening the greatest hits cd i got at the goodwill two years ago and i am pulling out records i have not listened to in years. recently i was at easy street records and purchased a god damned japanese lp of 'discovery' and i love it. am i crazy? no! in a world where pop songs are here and there - jeff lynne and company did a pretty damn good job of writing some not good but great songs like "showdown", "can't get it out of my head" and "evil woman" which i recently personally dedicated to someone i adore - that got a good life. anywho, i am not sure whether to be embarassed or celebratory but i can't stop listening to "turn to stone".

i saw them at anaheim stadium in 1978, smoked some brown weed and barely can remember anything other than that god awful spaceship they did the show in. and i searched and searched but could not find anything about them lip syncing that show and the trouble they got into. well, here are some of your more common and not so common elo factoids. note the third one down...hamburger. hilarious!

save me. no really, save me.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

carioca funk insanity

i just got this cd you see here in pdx last weekend! volume II of the "rio baile funk" comp and it is nuts. fans of diplo and m.i.a. would love this however i have to say this is difficult at best to like. i hear strains of older hip hop stuff along with some strained carioca and i just can't get enough. the beats bump, then they bend - the music is fun, insane and unnerving, which means, I LOVE IT!

you will too. find it and git yr freek ahn.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the most beautiful

happy birthday eLeGant one.

Monday, March 12, 2007

an invitation...

dear dean,

so you got a new record out with ms. britta? fantastic! i've heard songs but not yr entire effort. i will try and see you at the triple door next month...being el gato reyna, that might not be easy. yes, i gots the credit card, i dig your stuff but my west side life with pal syl makes me think best i stay know i can take down that building with one leap! but thanks for the invite.

peace and love,

c. orange c.

dear c. orange c.

i have a pretty good idea who will be there - and i am not sure she knows we are playing there. give her the downlow and see you next time.


so hey!
wanna go? let's go together!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

daylight savings time

last week i saw/ran into kat who does a garage sale blog (or kinda) here in the emerald city. i told her she was my summer friend since we seem to only see each other in the summer (uh, duh) and talk garage sales, crap that is sold there and our 'scores'. seeing kat and having this crazy spring like weather recently *thank god!!!* makes me think, i need to have a garage sale. yes, i want to have one and get rid of stuff i just don't want any longer that might just sell at a sale.

i think my garage sale days of going every week will still exist yet i am not sure if i can bring myself to buy the way i have in the past 3 years. ok, six or seven years. ALRIGHT, 20 years.

someone stop me.

letters never sent

who is that guy you see...who cares.

may i confess something?

i am an elton john fan. i think i will be for life. today in istanbul i heard britney, bob marley and some turkish artists, don't even ask me names. then i over heard'daniel' by elton and i was taken by the song and how amazing it is. then it reminded me an friend who i just am never sure about. just prior to last summer arriving, i had a difficult time with this friend. i was not sure whether i could hang with her - she always seemed to put me into a state after seeing her. we'd have breakfast, maybe see a movie or meet for a drink and afterwards many times, i'd long for her. it was as though she was more beautiful the more i got to know her yet she was married and that shut the door on these emotions. yeah right! instead of shutting the door on these feelings for her, they accelerrated with every turn i took with her. one night we were visiting jean's place on 6th and she looked exquisite and more than usual. i think i fell in love with her all over again. later that night i wrote her an email...telling her to stay away from me (again) because i loved her and i can't be with her. i never sent it. i wish i did. now, i have these same thing in letter form half way around the world.

my confession is that i want to send this same email again. yet everything has changed. or, has it?

Friday, March 02, 2007

idealism is what precedes experience, cynicism is what follows

i rarely eat pancakes
i like girls who like pink floyd
melotonin makes me dream and i remember them

have you ever been mellow

Thursday, March 01, 2007


i cannot see every movie i want to but i try. they slip through the cracks or even worse, they never play here in the emerald city (hello sherrybaby). i am not going to talk about how stupid movie distribution is since we here in seattle are luckier than most cities from a cinema standpoint. but i digress...

last night netflix brought me "the science of sleep" starring gael garcia bernal and serge gainsbourg's daughter charlotte. did i like it? sure in what might seem like an unenthusiastic way but i highly recommend a viewing. this strong opinion is based on many components which stand out as great reasons to see it as apposed to the jumpy narrative which is difficult to follow and the lack of story all together. i loved gael! who doesn't? my pal who i watched it with was nearly twitching every time he smiled on the screen as though he was flirting with her...and he's got that amazing star power - he just looks like a movie star! michel gondry pushes creativity and explores film making like a kid experimenting with building blocks, pushing it higher and higher - making something albeit i am not sure what with this movie. i did find myself laughing at the absurdity of it all and one of my favorite things about this movie was that every character seemed to be wearing the same thing throughout the entire movie! bernal made me laugh with his silliness and there are some pretty sweet moments with ms. gainsbourg - especially when he gets drunk and feels the pangs of jealousy.

so, blah blah blah. i love netflix.