Monday, March 12, 2007

an invitation...

dear dean,

so you got a new record out with ms. britta? fantastic! i've heard songs but not yr entire effort. i will try and see you at the triple door next month...being el gato reyna, that might not be easy. yes, i gots the credit card, i dig your stuff but my west side life with pal syl makes me think best i stay know i can take down that building with one leap! but thanks for the invite.

peace and love,

c. orange c.

dear c. orange c.

i have a pretty good idea who will be there - and i am not sure she knows we are playing there. give her the downlow and see you next time.


so hey!
wanna go? let's go together!

1 comment:

CUNY Queen said...

love the new color scheme. let's go mets!