Monday, March 19, 2007


time is such a forgiving thing for music. in the not-so-long ago past i would have really laughed if you told me i was listening to emerson, lake and palmer and that remains true today. i am laughing just thinking about it...but if you mentioned the electric light orchestra, i think i would have laughed yet again. but i am listening to elo on a quite a clip, like, every other day or so. i have downloaded, i am listening the greatest hits cd i got at the goodwill two years ago and i am pulling out records i have not listened to in years. recently i was at easy street records and purchased a god damned japanese lp of 'discovery' and i love it. am i crazy? no! in a world where pop songs are here and there - jeff lynne and company did a pretty damn good job of writing some not good but great songs like "showdown", "can't get it out of my head" and "evil woman" which i recently personally dedicated to someone i adore - that got a good life. anywho, i am not sure whether to be embarassed or celebratory but i can't stop listening to "turn to stone".

i saw them at anaheim stadium in 1978, smoked some brown weed and barely can remember anything other than that god awful spaceship they did the show in. and i searched and searched but could not find anything about them lip syncing that show and the trouble they got into. well, here are some of your more common and not so common elo factoids. note the third one down...hamburger. hilarious!

save me. no really, save me.

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