Saturday, March 31, 2007

chorizo vs. rothko

a classic: never EVER grocery shop when you are hungry. well, i went to the borough market...dear god, i went while i was hungry. very hungry and although i had a plan of chorizo and rocket sandwich, i still had to look at everything. every single damn thing before i finally gave into the sandwich and i am so glad i did. it was phenomenal as described by blemby and she was not exaggerating. yes i was starving but i will also have you know the mustard i threw down on this monster of a sausage was like bright yellow wasabi as in my nasal passage was cleared all the way to my eyeballs. loved every damn bite. but wait, did i mention i was starving? yes, so i spyed this line (queue if i was even more pretentious which just might not be possible) of people getting burgers. lamb, pork and stilton and beef. what's that you say - - correct in that i chose the pork and stilton...with extra cheese as the guy who sold it to me said, "that's how me and my mates eat 'em". ok, bring on the angioplasty because that will kill me but i am dying happy.

we are at the london bridge which means we are near the tate modern. off we go and i was impressed however the exhibit currently there was less than inspiring, the gilbert and george show was more trash and flash than interesting. as for the permanant collection, good stuff for sure but modernism is being redifined so to see abstract heroes like rothko and pollock seems a bit dated. yes, they most certainly have a place in history but it seems like the turn of the millenium needs them to be elsewhere. blah blah blah for really, to see these guys, some miro stuff, cubism (which reminded me of last december early mornings)was nothing to scoff at. i did not ride the slides but i did marvel at the looks of the people as they hit the end of their rides.

sb and i went back to the borough market for some stuff for dinner which included a visit to neals yard dairy for cheese which was a blast to try so many damn cheeses and some morrocan fruit like tasty tangelo like oranges and the amazingly superb and sweet galia melon which i had in espana a couple years back. did i mention i was more. next up is the tour of the royal albert hall and the crazy portobello SATURDAY market. oh yeah, i want indian food too.

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