Friday, March 30, 2007

mercer street

the shins. ah yes, the shins. most people dismiss them as a simple little band, that 'garden state' song band (worse) or they dig 'em. i like them because i like the way james mercer sings and harmonizes his voice with his bandmates. i am in london and seeing the shins was one of those nice timing things the day i landed, uh, yesterday. the london crowd loved them as though they were at a party...i looked over at people around me and they were smiling, singing along with them and just pleased as ever as mercer and company sang what seemed like every song they knew including an encore of the modern lovers song which i cannot recall since i am jet lagged yet jojo's song is still going through my head but i will rememeber probably after i have my chorizo and rocket sammich that jbh tipped me off on.

oh yeah, my camera fell out of my pocket at the concert and i noticed as i was almost out the door of the forum when i decided to go and "find" it. i was sitting upstairs which means i have a fighting chance. i get up there and this is after walking back through a crowd of hundreds. lo and behold, there it is. i am very happy about that - dear god, losing my camera hours after arriving would have been a double bummer.

hey, gots to go but i will check y'all laters.


Nat said...

International Freak Sauce!
I love it.

bksmag said...

That would of been a bummer not to see your self portraits with no back ground like your pic's of Spain.

Anonymous said...

yay you made it! i am tres jealous about the shins show and glad you didn't lose your damn camera. you apparently need deeper pockets. remember to tell damon a what i said about his song. and while you are at it - give hammersmith my regards.