Tuesday, March 06, 2007

letters never sent

who is that guy you see...who cares.

may i confess something?

i am an elton john fan. i think i will be for life. today in istanbul i heard britney, bob marley and some turkish artists, don't even ask me names. then i over heard'daniel' by elton and i was taken by the song and how amazing it is. then it reminded me an friend who i just am never sure about. just prior to last summer arriving, i had a difficult time with this friend. i was not sure whether i could hang with her - she always seemed to put me into a state after seeing her. we'd have breakfast, maybe see a movie or meet for a drink and afterwards many times, i'd long for her. it was as though she was more beautiful the more i got to know her yet she was married and that shut the door on these emotions. yeah right! instead of shutting the door on these feelings for her, they accelerrated with every turn i took with her. one night we were visiting jean's place on 6th and she looked exquisite and more than usual. i think i fell in love with her all over again. later that night i wrote her an email...telling her to stay away from me (again) because i loved her and i can't be with her. i never sent it. i wish i did. now, i have these same thing in letter form half way around the world.

my confession is that i want to send this same email again. yet everything has changed. or, has it?

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