Monday, July 23, 2007


check out this picture of me with one my favorite people in the whole world, jean from maneki. i like this shot of us because every single time i go there, she wants to chat and we always chew the fat for an extended period of time. btw, do you have a favorite resturant? sure you do but do you have one where the owner snacks with you sometime or, does he/she let you in after they close and still serve you? and does this same owner make fun of you and your idiosyncrasies in the nicest possible way? did i spell that right? anywho, jean is the bestest ever and i am here to write it out and make it public.

maneki and jean remind me of so much i love about los angeles. which is maybe why i like it so much. maneki can be anywhere and it would remain the sweetest, nicest and most sought after place to dine in my eyes. i love it when people say that maneki is unorganized, bad service and uneven food but damn it, i am not sure where else i can get kinpira (gobo), crazy inexpensive kasu kama and pretty much some amazingly fresh saba grilled with just salt. bliss. i consider this place one of "my" places even though maneki is no secret to many seattlites yet i feel welcome there like no other place.

thanks to jay gee for the foto.

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