Tuesday, July 31, 2007

activity partner

holy guacamole...what a month! where did it all go? it all seems so blurry but it is ending on a the same note where it started, just great and incredible. fortunate me as i know it is going to get better. i want you all to check out my guest blog entry at yard sale bloodbath if you desire and be sure to look forward to august having more pictures as i am going on a picture taking binge! i have an idea...yes, an idea but more on that later. lately i am starting to see things differently through the lens of a camera and through my own eyes which is going to lead me down a path i am very excited about.

that and i got asked last night to dj at seattle's hot(? - huh) new bar pony - wtf? uh, i am not sure about that because it was so uber hip and i am such a snob but who knows. let's see what i can muster up in the next couple weeks.

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