Thursday, August 02, 2007

heaviest of weights

oh one week two big time filmmakers died, michelangelo anotonioni and ingmar bergman. sure they were old but this makes a mark showing all of us a couple things. first, cinema is about one hundred years old and technology is racing yet the quality of movies are very good but these guys (especially bergman) made unbelieveably great movies. more on bergman tomorrow but the other thing i want to highlight here is the acting also- both of these guys seem to get so much out of their ensembles. i was kind of blown away thinking about some of my favorite movies by these guys and after talking to my film pal pbsp about this, i can't get over just how great these two were. the picture you see here and above is from l'eclisse with personal fave, alain delon. what a movie...most folks talk about "blow up" by anotonioni but this movie resonates with me with incredible imagery that always seem to make me want to take more photos - to be more creative. i cannot recommend this movie or "the passenger" enough. no hot links here, just seek out. go to the library, go to netflix but do go. tomorrow i will hit bergman and how he was one of the first foreign filmmakers i got to know - - and i did not get 'it' until i was in my mid-twenties.

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