Wednesday, August 08, 2007

swede like candy

thanks woody.

nobody is born with good taste, its aquired. and how it is obtained is through another lead, maybe a book, maybe a person you know or maybe a friend or family member...that is usually the case for me. yet, how i got to know ingmar bergman and his movies was through woody allen. he lead me down that path not due to his style or his making 'bergman-esque' movies (and fellini-esque for that matter) but his chosen admiration in print. seeing "annie hall" and "manhattan" at the ripe ages of 15 and 17 made me feel more in touch with real filmmaking and although i was fortunate enough to have parents that loved film an awful lot, these were my discoveries. so, woody allen spoke so highly of bergman, his style and his writing that i did not 'get it' until i was in my 20t's watching "wild strawberries" and just getting blown out of the water by the expression, the imagery and the humanity. astounding. i must confess in that i have not seen a lot of bergman movies as he has a ton...but he has left me with a deep impression. and back to woody for a moment - he went as far as even using his cinematographer sven nykvist (seen above with ib) and his "crimes and misdemenors" (a personal fave) pays such a homage to bergman one might view it as too close but i think both of these guys stand alone. i want to write more about ingmar bergman but i best leave it up to you to seek out. go to the library and if you did not get any antonioni films, get those also.

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Nat said...

Great, now there is going to be a waitlist for all the movies I want to check out.