Tuesday, August 14, 2007

40 love

last week my activity partner and i went to play some tennis. what a funny game in that i find it is such a social time for us which is funny because we do spend a lot of time together doing other things but this time our game was a late endevour so we did not incorporate a meal, a drink or anything. she picked up on this and so we got much chatting in that it left me with the impression that tennis is not a vehicle for excercise only but for close time. i recalled the last time i was playing with a different pal...he talked about such a variety of things we never get to talk about when around his wife or when i am working next to him (not neil). so, now i want everybody to learn how to play tennis as it has become my bar, my drinking hole - my social time. since i rarely (read, selective) invite friends over to my home so the tennis courts will work! i feel a sense of accomplishment.

which leads me down this path? communication comes in so many forms these days...phones, email, texting, instant messaging.....letters and cards. i still get a letter here and there from my dad but yesterday i got a letter that kind of has me thinking. i will tell you the end of the letter first, a suggestion for me to contact this guy by email, a phone call or another letter. that is what happens when you have not spoke to someone in probably, uh - 22 years! i got a letter from someone i went to high school with and now what do i do? i guess one just says thanks...? you tell me.

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