Monday, August 20, 2007


a couple of you have asked me "what's up with the downloads"? i still don't know and after my earlier posting today - i'm breaking it down again to another d/l of one of my favorite records ever. yes, i say that a lot and often to the point where it really loses its own juice but damn it, big star has a place in my heart that is indescribable. backed with tons of way back machine feelings (hello, i got this record close to 27 years ago!) and some of the most heart felt lyrics ever, this - the first big star lp along with the other two el pee's by these guys just never stop to amaze. i recall seeing alex/chilton at al's bar in l.a. in 84 or so and i the wide eyed hopeful was thinking he'd do songs like "el goodo" or "thirteen" - instead he did not do one big star song. and he looked like he was pissed off the entire time...i loved it. bastard. so, hit the link here and listen to memphis lx and his co-horts in all their glory.

and after this weekend, i feel like i'm dying...i'm never gonna live again

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