Monday, August 27, 2007

jg means jew girl

doesn't this just make you happy? here we have my girl jay gee check, check, checking out the beastie boys (look carefully) and is oh so happy! i love this photo as it transcends the "being there" shot at a concert or event. to me it has more of an eyewitness effect that creates such emotion...i love it! i just had to share this one.

which reminds me - didn't i say i was taking lots of fotos these days? yes, below please find another shot. of course those in seattle know that is the koolest haus in our fair city, the downtown public library. i have waxed poetic about how much i love this place and just had to drop yet another bomb and say that with my driving by this place m-f, i find it to be one of most beautiful buildings in our fair world.

i have been undertaking photo taking in the past couple weeks withOUT good results. and i plan on taking more in and posting some soon.

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jgrow said...

aaawww thanks kz! i do love it too! that smile means nothing but love!