Friday, August 17, 2007

old and stupid + young and stupid = stupid stupid

last week i was dining on some crepe, soup and bun with my pal named rome and she said something funny that is resonating...she said "you are making too much of this". the "this" part is not important (remember, we were sharing food) - just that somethings are more important then others and i think we inherently know which are and which are not. how the hell do we get off track then if this intrinsic edge falls apart?

about a half hour ago, we just got out of the lake for a nice swim after some jamaica made by same said friend. while out there, she told me, she would save me if i was to feel like i was going to drown. and not to worry. emotions can be funny that way because now i got to shower and get that lake off me, she needs to finish making challah, grand hallways, drowning, etc. i ask myself, most things are rarely a matter of life or death...what is? what is?

so, that leads me from one of my favorite people to one of my absolute fave musicians in the whole wide world, van morrison. geez louise, i have written about him before but this live recording (in two parts no less pt. 1 and pt. 2) showcases van in his just his pitch perfect best in 1970. what does this have to do with vietnamese food, lake swimming and right from wrong? everything! and nothing.


la dolce said...

it's too cold to be lake swimming!

o.Sano said...

it is not too cold for lake swimming. or, at least it was not last friday or saturday! where the fook is my summer!?

shake yr rat!