Thursday, August 09, 2007

hennes och mauritz

here is a picture of my pal megchops...she is pacNW through and through but she knows how to dress. most of my best dressed pals are not from best dressed chums are east coasters transplanted to the land of blah dressing. not to say i am the best dressed man...even though i think i look great 90% of the time. but i digress.

are you familiar with h&m Stores? i have some clothes from this chain - they started in europe and i like the inexpensive, nice looking clothes they sell. they have been expanding in the states and well, they are opening a store in seattle at the u-village (uh, duh!) in spring of next year. does this mean people will actually get out of their fleece and birkenstocks and wear nicer clothes? we shall see yet i feel that change has been happening but only slightly. maybe h&m will help!!! now go and check out pike pine for some more seattle fashionista action.

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la dolce said...

I can't wait for H&M to get here!!