Monday, August 06, 2007

triple trouble

last week as indicated by yours truly, two biggies in the arena of cinema, dead. and now, lee hazelwood. dead. but lee was not a filmmaker but a musician...right? right indeed and i loved him. his voice was so incredible, lyrics so ridiculous and his life, apparently insane.
i am not quite sure what happened that made lee hazelwood such an icon in the early ninties and i can recall talking to people when i first moved to seattle in 1988 that he was a bit of an idol many here in the emerald city. i knew about his work with nancy sinatra only back then but little did i know about his many solo records. to this day, "love and other crimes" and "requiem for an almost lady" remain two of my favorite albums. lee’s music has been covered over the years by the likes of einsturzende neubauten, petula clark, lisa germano, dusty springfield, the jesus and mary chain and billy ray cyrus - hazelwood did not write "achey breaky heart". He did write "these boots are made for walking" which remains a crazy popular song and is sung at nearly every karaoke bar i have been to. lee ruled. a lot of his stuff has been reissued here so go and get some.

will i ever write about ingmar bergman?

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