Monday, August 13, 2007

brenda or blendah

you know what just makes me happier than the happiest of prozac people in this world currently? ichiro. he is so fun to watch, he is all baseball all the time...and everytime he is up to bat, someone around me comments on his weird stance, his pulling up on his jersey or maybe they comment on his sick swing but no matter what, he rules. currently, the m's are enjoying a tie for first place in the wild card race and that too makes me pretty happy.

you know what makes me saddder than the saddest teardrop? just hearing that your friends are going through a tough time. and that is maybe testimony to my good ears but i am hearing a lot of that lately. i hope you and you and everybody else has a wonderful something soon...and don't let it get you down.

so last weekend there was dancing in the street...zev was playing 4t5's on the street in fremont, a*garcia was hitting the groove with her new shades, people were digging the scene with the gangster lean and damn it, good times, good times. then there was this issue about weed smoking during the day along with parmesan and chocolate...lovely if you are in high school or overworked. touche! i am jealous.

i was also in lake washington on saturday. that is where all my thoughts slip out of my ears and into the water never to be found again. one thing i noticed about lake washington and swimming that seems to be an on-going thing, it is very wet.

hi to francie pantsy, ralph lauren the swimmer and that bike rider who's name i cannot recall right are awful and awfully cute.

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