Thursday, August 23, 2007

it was fine at the time but the laws have changed...

memories are funny and i don't want to think too much about the past other than a reference tool. yet, as i mentioned how last week i received a letter from a friend i have not spoke to in, uh - 22 or so years. how old are you? that is right - 22 years ago! and no biggie although i have yet to contact him. and this picture you see...a friends old place on a sunny day one year ago to this day when we seemed to talk and see more of each other (she also moved from this noisy yet sweet apt less than one month after this snap). but things get in the way or we get in the way - meaning, friendships/relationships expire. memories can't wait and memories live on. so, do i contact this guy and 'catch up' or do i just send an email, thank him and ask him how the hell did he get my address!? i bet he got it from here. i checked out some names, ok - a lot of names and there was a lot of addresses, phone numbers and year of birth. weird? not really when you get to think about it. orwellian? sure, i will buy that. all in all, i am just not sure what to do with 22+ years passing and reconnecting. i do not go to high school reunions for that very reason.

the past has passed.

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