Friday, July 06, 2007

watts the fuck

a couple months back - maybe longer, i read about this movie "killer of sheep" and my curiousity went through the roof. talking about how this movie was similar in the neo-realism of italian fifties cinema (what might be my personal favorite movement along with the french). the nice folks at northwest film forum got it in their schedule and i could not be happier. now, after seeing it and now that it is gone after two weeks, i regret not writing and telling everybody and thier bff to see it. i was not even sure i was watching actors during this sad, hopeful and completely engrossing 81 minutes. such a gentle movie that after the lights came up, i was slightly tripping on what i i was more a fly on the wall then i was a patron of the cinema. with images both gentle and difficult, this was a masterpiece.

that's it. done. i am gone. hey seattlites, enjoy this attempt at a emerald city sartorialist great effort here! well done and i actually saw some peepel i know - turn to the left bitch!

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