Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sunday morning

i love the feeling of relief. last sunday morning i got one after a long, long, really long saturday day and night. this relief started when i was at the el adadero on rainer ave. when i got a call...hearing a calming voice really helps soothe the nerves and as much as this sounds nuts, hearing someone who is less than soothing also has the same affect - or at least this time it did. what a relief to hear someone else frantic and cranked up...not me, not until saturday night. so, my fancy francy and i snacked on some mulitas (dear god - this might be the most delectable thing ever), some ceviche and tacos before moving on to bigger and maybe better things. saturday night was such a nutty pace with some (one) pot shah, tanG and ike the dog - i was glad to see sunday morning.

feeling a bit overwhelmed...try slayer or find someone who is that much busier than you will ever be.

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