Tuesday, September 11, 2007

earache my eye m

i don't like technology, i love it. no, i hate it. wait, both!!! my cell phone and i are like mortal enemies and when it comes to using the computer - or needing it, i still find that i have this on going love/hate thing. fun isn't it *not really* - but the beautiful thing is that technology is changing rapidly and that makes me kind of adjust and change too. sure, the love/hate remains but where am i in the middle of all of this? soon, not dealing with it like i used to.

so that leads me to townes van zandt...oh, he's such a great singer! i love him and you can too downloading this amazing record "the late, great townes van zandt". wait, this did not come out after he died but years before in 1972. e n j o y - !

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