Monday, September 10, 2007

meeting of the mindz

the view from the deck at my apartment is so nice. i sit outside and look at mt. rainer, lunar sightings, beacon hill and the baseball and football stadiums. incredible really! and i want to continue watching stuff from this point of view for it reminds me of the simple things. i love eating outside (thanks kak!) even if it is uncomfortable but soley because i find these two things about food remain somewhat true; 1. eating with your hands is fun and food almost always tastes better and 2. eating outside can be soooooo relaxing.

i mention this because i am being pulled across the world and as of late, i want to just quit my job, leave this point of view, move to san francisco and wear a sweater in august. i am going to try and find myself in vietnam and s.e.a. this january or february. when i come back - - then i will decide about this view. or my viewpoint in general.

i want a dog.


N-Dog said...

First dibs on your place if you move to SF!!

o.Sano said...

bitch its yours...just let me have it when i move back with my tail between my legs. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

KZ said...

that's me! PS- moving to sf??????????