Wednesday, September 05, 2007

zombie flanders

after much chat about music this weekend - and i am going to post my rants and raves about bumbershoot soon - i came to realize i have not been too inspired as of late. it got me to thinking about music that does knock me out every single listen without any pause or thought. almost a month ago i posted a tribute to nusrat fateh ali khan and now i am going rave about someone i never saw perform live. i have maybe two or three regrets about not seeing a performer or band - one of them is without a doubt and probably the biggest slip up i have made seeing tons of music, the mighty FELA KUTI. and i was recently listening to his "mr. follow follow" lp and it was just freaking me out. so insane, so inspiring and so god damned beautiful. i think everybody should listen to fela - - - so, here is fela's zombie lp for your flavor.

he played the olympic auditorium in the mid-eighties when this dofus missed him...uh, twice i believe. what was i thinking? or, what was i doing that made this glaring omission? either too much weed then or just too much which has me forgetting but let's not have regrets, let's listen and get off our asses!

do it to it.

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