Thursday, October 11, 2007

he stopped loving her today

dress sexy at my funeral. damnit, that is funny. so funny that i am thinking to myself what gives about bill callahan. last night for my birtday i was (kinda) taken to see bill callahan perform. the fucker played for close to two hours! and it was all good and not in an "all good in the hood" kind of way, just all good stuff and great songs. watching him made me think about missing george jones this week...and i am not regretting that but i most certainly made a mistake. something about bill callahan rang of him being some kind of troubadour...rolling from city to city playing his smog. and people whooped and yelled ("thanks for coming bill callahan" -how idiotic) and loved him. at one point i wished for a marachi band to play with him, then i wished for kids to be behind him playing and clapping...then i kind of thought of a super group, callahan, will oldham, jim o'rourke and richard thompson was the wild card contribution. i guess bill callahan can play with anybody was what i left with and that is great for him.

too much to love, scarf, water spilling and garbanzo beans. everything has changed yet something remains.

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