Wednesday, January 17, 2007

achtung baby

what was the last thing you did not catch when you were not paying attention? last week, within the space of five days i got not one, not two but three parking tickets (two from the same traffic cop, different days no less)!! distracted? sure but better to just say i was lazy...but if anybody has ever drove with me and seen the way i drive and park - it comes as a bit of a surprise that i finally received a ticket. i am notorious for parking wherever i please and not getting a ticket let alone driving sometimes like a maniac. but really, beyond the laziness and going well past distractions, this is more about just not paying attention. things go by when you fixate on one or two or one things...and i do not have myopia damn it. does it take getting parking tickets to wake me up? i'd much rather spend the $122.00 (for the three) on a million other things!! i am actually going to fight one of these and we'll see how it comes out.

meanwhile...i am paying closer attention and i see a lot more than what i was looking at last week. good thing, i nearly lost it after number three...

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