Sunday, January 07, 2007

violent affection

perplexed by being so tired and ready to sleep...i am drawn to scribble some words. and really, only few things are on my mind currently and translating these might not be completely easy. certainly i can express some simple the listening to my morning jacket. everything about this band spells out a band i would not fall for but i have like a ton of bricks. the song i am listening to is "what a wonderful man" from the album 'z' - it is so damn good. i love these guys. oh yeah, i had a bowl of soup tonight, homemade noodles, crazy good dumplings with scallions and white pepper, i totally love the stuff. and sunday is my favorite day of the it! it is long, sleepy and semi-productive. see that fairfield porter painting, god i love that too - as i have mentioned previously, one of my favorite places here in the emerald city is the frye and the f. porter show they had there some time back about 2.5 years ago was sublime. i love his paintings.

can you see where i am going...goodnight!

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