Friday, January 12, 2007

Ese oscuro objeto del deseo

oh, did i mention the frye museum here in seattle...yes,often. one item of note while visiting last was i saw an old friend jd and she looked great. i also saw some trimpin thing with clogs and two bits which brings a smile to my face but in the bookstore i spyed the book you see above this banter. "film as a submissive art" really gave me an education on the much darker side of cinema. it took me forever to find this book - which i found at the strand while living in nyc close to ten years ago - but now it is back in print. i strongly recommend this book to anybody who thinks they know a lot about movies and cinema. all the heavy hitters are within these pages like antonioni, brakhage, goddard, etc. but he does pay attention to one of my favorite people to ever live luis bunuel. after seeing this outside of my own home has me picking it up again and i realize sometimes i re-read this kind of book and it all seems fresh all over again.

get this book!

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