Friday, June 23, 2006


remember WHODINI? i do and how lucky was i to see them perform back in the day aka 1983. and as much as i want this post to be about WHODINI and the "Haunted House of Rock" or "I'm A Ho" (a lesser known 'hit') i am going to write about some of my friends.

as Whodini threw down "FRIENDS, how many of us have them....ones we can depend on" i write to tell you how fortunate i am to have many great friends. here are some of the recent highlights of my friends doing what makes them so special - !!

KAK with the looks she shoots at me and the laugh. The girl calls me on my b.s. all the time and that is a lot

pbsp with his unfettered and continuous friendship. plain and simple, i count on him and he's there

jennybh with her on going email back and forth to me. you rule! she told me that recently and really, she rules! she pushed me gently to do this blog so blame her

nybes is the man. what a guy...he's always got the good word and the gigantic heart. i love that little guy

Ph has to be one of the most generous, most pleasant individual i ever met. yes, she is my friend and i am so glad

washburn is a friend for over 25 years now. non-stop banter about HENDRIX, bashing on the current adminstration and overall guidance by setting an example of how to be real - thanks

elG is the tricky one here. she means the world to me. a style like nobody else and just recently she gave me LIME TIC TACS which added to the pile of a million things i just dig about her.

so tell your friends they are appreciated. i will be doing this again but until then, stay high not low.


Anonymous said...

you just gotta have friends. zkl is the man with a plan. just know you'll always be loved when's he's around. he'll make you laugh, pull your hair out from the roots, loves your gatos more than you do and generally just has a big fluffy marshmallow center of a heart. here's to you! and all your friends.

chick-a-boom said...

what - we're not friends anymore?!