Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bea on the Brat

when i first heard the BLACK LIPS i felt my age which was 41 in case you must know. meaning, i was in the midst of another 'garage' lp, revival, whatever but then Mr. Tommy Shanks (Mayor and good friend) at In the Red Records gave me the then latest "LET IT BLOOM" lp. everything changed...this record makes me laugh and it makes me wonder about getting i going to continue to like this crap? yes.

for the first song alone, "sea of blasphemy" is worth the price alone! this song crawls straight up your nose and goes straight for your brain and does not let loose until the minute and thirty seconds are done leaving you to waste. these idiots *ahem* cover/destruct jacques dutronc which has one wondering, 'did i really like that' - yes. admit it, submit to it and laugh with them. and at them.

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