Friday, June 30, 2006

the cover that rocked the world...

any of you record geeks remember the store you went to when you were really 12 or around that age? i certainly do and it was a chain - the warehouse. mine was located in the fine city of ANAHEIM where i grew up on Brookhurst and Ball in a skeezy mini-mall. it was next door to a 31 flavors where i'd get rocky road every damn time. if my parents would allow me, i'd go to the warehouse and see about getting a record, usually elton john, led zeppelin or the stones. if i was feeling extra esoteric, i'd get david bowie (with thanks to my then freaky cousin francine who was totally into glam).

this was 1975 or so and one record that always got my attention was "country life" by roxy music. no, i was not a fan because really, i like any other 13 y/o, i did not have that 'advanced' of taste but still, this cover was so risque! two women on the cover were half naked, standing outside in front of some kind of schrub and had weird make-up on...and when you are thirteen, that is pretty damn exciting. did i ever get this record? no. my mother would 'throttle me within an inch of my life' (her words) and frankly, that would be nuts...i had no idea what the hell they sounded like and they were never in my circus magazine i subscribed to. five or so years later and i am a roxy music fan!! not only do i own this record but i also LOVE this record. now every fan of roxy mentions the amazing first two records w/eno and i just think we need to give a nod to mr. eddie jobson for coming into this weirdo band and making his own mark. just listen to any cut on this record - flawless. i always return to COUNTRY LIFE and encourage you to go and check it out or listen to it again...its been too long since you heard "Out of the Blue" or "Prairie Rose" about then bryan ferry girlfren jerry hall. why did they not get married and she could be jerry ferry!!

later on, this naughty cover was replaced with pictures of just the bushes and i am not talking about the girls.


Ben Calvin said...

that's an old pic. here's one from Barry Bonds field:

Jay said...

I used to see "Country Life" when I was a teen & stared at the cover for a little longer than I did for other records. Always had the hots for the woman on the right; the one on the left terrifies me to this day.