Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rude Dick

i like the clash. i rarely listen to them and because of that, i appreciate them that much more. they are firmly planted in my head as one of my favorite bands when i was a teenager and i am quite sure that if i listened to any of their first three records, any of the early singles, i would grin with satisfaction...that just is not going to happen. i much rather listen to other things but really, that is not what direction i am going here. last night my main man gNat and i went to see "Let's Rock Again!" - a hour long documentary on Joe Strummer and his band, the Mescaleros at the Experience Music Project aka the unused Frank Gehry building in Seattle. the documentary to me was interesting only because i was interested in the subject but as an artistic endevour, i found it dragged and slightly boring. we never really get to see what makes joe tick and furthermore and not to fault the director dick rude, possibly joe was not one to reveal too many of his cards. i saw joe and los mescaleros at that very same place three years earlier and was pleased. and this doc had lots of footage of them in japan and all accross our country. seek it out if you must but really, rent it or watch for it on pbs - something i found out while googling dick rude...

mr. rude or mr. dick was at the screening last night and he was introduced by the new curator of emp...who told the audience he cried after seeing the movie. so did i, but these were tears of laughter after hearing the q and a with dick. never in my life have i ever seen one person use so many first person personal pronouns since i saw 'buffalo 66' at MoMA with vincent gallo doing an INSANE q and a (btw, i asked him about prog rock - gallo loves prog rock). dick talked about being so close to joe, known him for 17 years, seeing the clash early on, being a screenwriter, an actor and i, me, my, mine and ugh - this guy was a marvel. gNat and i laughed when he talked about his writing poetry and working with (in this order) "red hot chili peppers, blonde redhead and tommy lee". i had to ask him a question just to see his reaction and i shot him this, "did you stage the scene when strummer was talking with those young(er) kids?". i never got an answer but i think he mentioned his being in 'sid and nancy'.

mr. dick rude - you sir define freaksauce.


Nat said...

I would suggest downloading this doc off the internet. Avoid paying Dick Rude any money. He was very vocal about his disinterest in fame-reviews.

CUNY Queen said...

tell me more about vincent gallo's q&a. im curious if his ego size is justifiable in any way.