Tuesday, July 18, 2006

joni doe

to start the weekend off right - uh, that is last weekend, i moseyed over to west seattle and this time it was not for a husky deli ice cream cone...the west seattle summerfest was happening! and musicial guest that friday evening was no less MR. JOHN DOE (seen above) bringing a primarily acoustic affair to the people. i dig Doe...he's like everybody's pal, always looks great and at a very informative time of my life (1979), he pushed me to think that rock meant something other than led zep, stones and all that ilk. he's always been some kind of hero without really trying and me not being exactly sure why. yes he's played in many a great band, x, flesheaters, knitters and i kinda like some of his solo stuff. well, he played all kinds of songs including "kissing so hard", "fourth of july" and an outstanding version of "i must not think bad thoughts" which he mentioned the night or so prior to his stint in west seattle, he watched "your larger seattle band (hello PJ) cover this same song while he watched along with his two daughters...surreal". john doe doing a woody guthrie cover that night did not even make my eyebrow move in any one direction but when he whipped out a cover of joni mitchell's "case of you"...well, i thought the earth was going to open up and swallow everybody. sorry, but that is just weird or is it? i am left not sure how much of a fan john is of joni but it made me scratch my head in wonder.

i ended up getting a husky deli ice cream cone. one can't go to west seattle and NOT get one!


N-DOg said...

Glad you made the show. Thanks for the review. Remember the Borders Books show? Lame location, awesome version of "Silver Wings"!

Anonymous said...

Here's a song from the show on youtube!